Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life is like Strawberries.

I sat there quietly..
A single strawberry in hand.

Sight, smell, touch, sound, taste.
For the first time, I focused.

First sight..
It was bright, vibrant and beautiful.

The smell..
Oh so sweet and inviting.

First touch..
As my finger tips run through,
it had bumps, a lil rough.
Never having a smooth surface.

The sound..
Hearing yourself plunging in to take a bite.
As your teeth sinks in, crunches are heard.
Juices ooze out but you try to save every drop.
As it is sweet and non should go to waste.

A sweet sensation by the first bite.
It changes after awhile, turning sour.
Your face cringes from that effect.

Shutting your eyes cos tears might fall out.

Towards the end,
it gets colourless and tasteless.
Not the sweet, inviting one it once was.

Life goes on,
as you pick up another one.

This is my own interpretation on life, or maybe even love.
It is entirely up to an individual to interpret.
I don't expect anyone to understand the meaning behind it.

It is something rather personal.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The IACT PARTs Soft Launch!

Details are up on that picture so what are you waiting for?!

See you there Bitches!!

P.S: Kudos to Jared who modeled and edited the picture!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twenty, I am.

Gosh I became an old fart over night!

I shall start by dating back a day before.
Was at dance rehearsals at IACT from 4pm till 6ish.
Practice was pretty okay as I was well enough to dance.
Before I left with Marvin & Christy, the lovely people wished me..
Felt so nice and loved (:
And surprise surprise, Collin gave me a rose.
He stole it from Virginie's bouquet but it's still schweet of him (:
So, we left and went to have dinner thennn..
Fetch Darrenie from the airport!
There were no pictures as I was too lazy larh..
But once again, welcome home Twinnie No. 2! ;P

When I got home I initially wanted to blog..
But lazy arse me said, "It can wait till tomorrow.."
And so I am blogging at 2a.m in the morning now. Gah.
Since I didn't blog last night, I camwhored with Le Rose. LOL

Here are just some of the pictures.

My first rose from a boy. *eee shy shy*
Wait, Collin not boy but aqua. HAHAHA

A kiss from a rose..

And these are the addictive chocolate stones Darren got back from Aussie! Yummerrsssss ~ !!!

On the actuall day of my birthday, which is today..
Surprisingly I didn't plan anything ahead for the day.
Besides dinner with the family at night larh..
I'm turning old fashioned. Omg.. Wtf.
In the end, I decided to have an impromptu trip to college.
Had Nasi Goreng Ayam as my birthday lunch! Syok!
KDU's Ethnic stall is always the best! Cheh promote sia..

Anyhow, shall skip to the dinner part cos that's more important.

We had dinner at a place called Moussandra at KL Plaza.
The place is really rustic and with alot of it's own unique atitude.
It's a Mediteranean & Tapas Restaurant serving you..
Spanish, Greek and Italian food. Mmm....

The walk way up. On both sides, they have pictures and articles of them collected over many years.
The shadows are my sister and mum btw.

I was really worried that there weren't space during dinner service.
Thus, they 'Promised' us a table for 4pax. Cool huh? (:

Love how they make full use of a old wine bottle.
The wax on it is really natural yet artistic.
And that 'thingy' behind is Daddy playing hide and seek. So cute xP

Random discovery by sister. Bodoh.

The Wine Chiller behind us with a temperature of 16 degrees.

A view of the restaurant, a very small but cosy one.

First course: Appetizers and Soup!
From top to bottom :-
Baba Ganoush (Grilled eggplant dip with pita bread - RM9)
Huevos Cocidos (Boiled eggs with Pimiento & Anchovies - RM9)
Sopa De Setas (Mushroom Soup - RM15)
*Although common but it's a must have.

Although simple in terms of ingredients, the anchovies complimented the eggs very well.

Sopa De Calabaza (Creamy Pumpkin Soup - RM15)
By far the best pumpkin soup I've ever had.
You can really taste the sweetness of the pumpkin..
Texture is not thick but very soothing to throat, keeping the stomach warm.

Moussaka (Greek)
(Layered Eggplant, minced Lamb, Potatoes & Bechamel gratinated with Cheese - RM40)
Very heavenly, everything blends in really well.
Eventhough there's cheese, potatoes and what not..
It fills you up just right (:

And this would be.... Sangria!
I forgot the reason why it's on the house but..
I would like to think it's because it's my birthday ;P

Followed by other main courses.
That's the Moussaka on the left and next to it is the..
Piccata Milanese (Chicken Breast coated Egg & Parmesan Cheese served on Spicy Tomato Spaghetti - RM32)
Funny thing is.. We thought those were Dory fillets. HAHAHAHA!!
And the last one on the picture, Paella Valenciana.
(Saffron flavoured rice with Seafood, Chicken, Chicken Sausage & Vegetables - RM38)
Sister finally satisfied her 8 year craving (:
Compliments to the chef on this one!
There isn't much to explain about this because it's indescribable!
You'd have to go there and experience it for yourself, trust me!

Dessert time!
On your left we have freshly baked..
Chocolate Cake (in a shape of a waffle)
With home made Vanilla Ice Cream, Mangoes & Cream - RM20
Yummiest birthday cake I've had!
On the other side it's the Vanilla Creme Brulee - RM6
Very creamy, soft and just right (:

Well that's all for the introduction of food.
It's time to introduce to you.... My familia!

*Beware. Look at your own risk.*

That's my sister sipping on her Sangria.
Key word sipping not because she enjoys but she can't drink alchohol.

Daddy's already a tad bit high. Dozing off. Haha..

The 'I'm not drunk' face caught on camera. Muahaha..

Slumber Daddy.

No. That thing is not my mother!

Sister just had to take this picture of me larh.. Cute kan! xP

We experimented on camwhoring for the whole family and...
Ta da! My first try and I got it!
Told you I've got camwhoring skills. Muahaha..
Love love love the picture (:

Finally a decent family photo to end the night.
Thanks Dad, Mum & Sis! I love you all! (:

And much love and thanks to the approximately 150people who wished me on Facebook!
Not to mention on Twitter, SMS, face to face, phone calls.

Thank you everyone!!! =D

Special thanks to Kay who called all the way from Hong Kong,
just to sing me Happy Birthday. Thanks hun (:

I miss your cuddles.

Munnie - The 20 Year Old.


" Dear readers, whoever that may be.
Today's my birthday! And as much as I would like to update now..
I'm kinda late to get ready for dinner with the family.
So, my birthday post will be pending till most probably tonight or so.
And when I mean tonight means after midnight.
If my sister is not awake and using it larh..
Anyhoo, stay tune for updates! (: "

Munnie - The 20 year old.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Late Night Blogging.

" Guess who's back? Back again? "

Yes yes, your's truly has been MIA for a good 2 months.
Suddenly got the urge to blog so why not?
Maybe because of the excitement, ups and downs today.
Rather blog than let the feeling slip away kan? You know I'm right.

So for my comeback post, I shall talk bout my interesting day today?
Not like anyone reads my blog but I hope that changes! xP

Fetched Kay in the morning and headed down to college together to kepoh abit.
That place is like a blackhole we keep going into.
Chilled for just abit then I dropped her off to The Curve while I meet Marvin a.k.a me bestie at One Utama for some....
Yes, just the both of us. It never gets old.

So, lunch came first and I just said..
" I have a craving for something. "
Marvin's reply.. "Chillis right? "


What to do? Bestie knows me best that's why I love him ;P

So off to Chillis it is!
Here are some tantalizing pictures of le food. Mmmm...

Mushroom Swiss Burger (Medium) with Fries.
Really should've ordered medium rare larh Marv.

Scrumptious lookin' mushrooms, cheese & fries. *drools*

The proud owner of le burger.

Chicken Crispers! My usual and this shit really never gets old.

Our foooooood.
Felt damn 7 full after that.

Was having a bite of Marvin's burger and requested a photo taken.
Jialat. Need to go haircut.

We did some shopping to walk off the fullness from lunch.
And first thing we bought was boxers from Parkson. *zha dou*
RM20 for two pairs of cute boxers and they are my first pair!
Tried them on and it felt so comfy and overly exposed.
But who cares?! As long as it's comfy! xP

At last, we lingered at a newly opened shop called Cotton On.
Clothes there really niceeeee....
Pretty affordable and... IT FITS ME! WOOHOO!!

So I got myself another black shirt for RM99.
Wanted the green checkered one but it didn't really suit me.

Anyhow, pictures are up!
You be the judge on how I look ;)

Love love love the shirt! <3

Do drop me some comments yeah!
Night ya'll, it's been fun (:


Monday, August 3, 2009


" Interviews sucks balls. "

Had my first interview today and mannn was I nervous.

Those lil 'work' signs should be changed to 'interview'.
And my face should be cut and pasted on his containing the same expression.

First, I took the wrong road..
So afraid that I would wind up in KL and not make it for the interview!
I was lucky enough to reach there at 11.30am. On the dot!
*Praise the Lord. Hallelujah!!!*

Second, I was intimidated by her.
Due to the fact that she's very educated and very Brit-ish.
She may be an old lady that definitely doesn't look her age..
But she was all business.
I started sweating on my nose and upper lip.


Third, I think I may have said the wrong thing by being too honest.
Fourth, thanks to my 6th day being sick I had major sore throat.
Fifth, fell into the longkang, yes longkang, two days ago and I was limping.
She even walked ten steps ahead of me!

That was by far THE most nervous I've been under half an hour.

She said to let me know if I'm fit for the job in a few days.

We'll see how it goes from there.
Hopefully the feeling of waiting won't eat me up alive!

" Nervous breakdowns sucks balls too. "

P.S: Thanks for the support before I went through hell.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome To Hell.

" I'm bored. Entertain me. "

Yes yes long time since I blogged I know.
Well thanks to my 3 off days?
I'm bored. Out of my fucking mind.
And its only been 24 hours. My god.
So here I am.. Blogging.

God I'm in hell -.-"

Let me tell you that this is gonna be a really random post.
Boring cos its full of crap anddd.. Gah. Whatever.


Things that I've been doing to keep me awake at night and sleep during the day. Literally.

Hell's Kitchen Marathon!!!

Yeap I've been on it for god knows how long.
Started with Season 1 a few days ago and I'm already at Season 4.
Gonna start Season 5 real quick ;)
Biggggg problem is..
What am I gonna watch after I'm done with it? LOL

There's also the Hell's Kitchen game on Facebook.
In about 13 tries, I'm already a Celebrity Chef.
Lemme toot my own horn now. *toot toot*

I have 5 months worth of reports to do about my training.
Thing is.. I always get up wayyyy late in the afternoon.
And evidently I get lazy, like reallllll lazy.
You know the one where you're super tired, you die die also don't wanna get outta bed.
Once you get outta bed, you're too lazy to go out.
Even when my stomachs calling for some input also I'm lazy to go out.

Geez I am that lazy huh? Oh well..
Who gives a fuck.
Moving onnn..


That's it for now.
Wanna save the good, happy happy joy ones for later.

So, piss off.

" Time is not my friend. "

P.S: I would rather roll around in bed with you.